Sunday, 21 June 2009

summary of chapter 1 and 2


The computer and its component

-input device

-output device

-system unit




-usb flash drive

-hard disk

-compact disk

-communication device

Networks and the internet



Computer Software


-graphical user interface

-system software

-application software

-install and runsoftware

-application software

-install and run programme


Categories of Computers

-Personal computers

-Mobile computer and mobile devices

-Game consoles


-super computer

-embedded computer


Example of computer usage

-home uses

-small office home office

-mobile user

-power user

-large business user

Computer Applications in society




-health care






The internet

-service in the internet

-internet grown

-internet controls

-connection of internet

-access of the internet

-modem connection

-domain name

-world wide web

-home page



-search engine

-subject directory


-basic of the web sites











Saturday, 6 June 2009



some people may doubt what is actually the coleration between the computer software and a lawyer or a legal advisor or any career related with law to enhance the skill of computerising..they maybe always being see the computer skills as nothing useful in their career...but the main argument here i do believe that nowadays learning and applicating computer skills is totally necessary and i believe it also compulsary for us to learn and applicate it while studies,during pupilage either the moment we get our jeb

i stand up my opinion with certain significance reason..
i start it with argument to make we think whether it is necessary or just accesories..

firstly,do it necesssries now for working or doing presentation with just writing by pencils,using mahjong papers..hahahahah...while we can just use the microsoft power point which is much faster and quicker not forgotten...much cheaper[doesnt include the cost of buying computer or laptops..but believe me it is a long term positive impacts]

secondly,the world had being globalized,,the law compete between each other..think,think and think,,,do we can ever compete with them without any device to search for the facts and informatyions....just on the fingertips...think and think...


i hope you can teach me "ikhlas"ly as prophet muhammad preach his dakwah to his ummah

i hope you can teach me as a father teach his son as luqman hakim advising his son to be a good mosle.

i hope you can teach me as umar al khattab teaching his son to be a great leader

because i believe the redha and barakah lay in teacher"s heart and hand....

csc134...pluggging on..